MyHomegevity (A program provided from our sister company)

A Man in a Van, LLC is a sister company of Wilcher Properties Group

Design (Architectural and Functional)

  •  Renovations of Current Property
  •  Additions
  •  Retrofit for Special Needs - short and long term.  This includes the aging, rehab and emergency situations.
  •  Design Consulting is $125/hour.  Architectural drawings, if necessary, are additional.
  •  Facilitator between architect, city, county, owner and contractors

Home Repairs

   Wood Repair    Painting    Cleaning    Install Flooring    Electrical Changes   

   Deck and Patios   Tree Pruning    Lawn Services    Carport Cleaning    Pressure Washing    And More

What We Do:

Preventive Maintenance & Scheduling such as

  •    Service HVAC Systems
  •    Clean Gutters and Roof

​   Others Include

  •    Dryer Vent Cleaning
  •    Wood repair
  •    Chimney Cleaning
  •    Garage Door and motor servicing
Payment for Services

Project Management

     Assemble Full Scope of Work for Property

  • $350 to compose detailed estimate.  If we are hired to oversee the project, this cost will be absorbed into the overall price.

     Oversee the Project, Disperse Funds to Contractors, Product Delivered, Watch Design

  • Depending on the size and degree of difficulty of the project, fees will range from a flat rate beginning at $500 depending on the location, size and scope of the job.

     Property Visits to Oversee Your Contractor

  • Site visits will begin at $95 per visit, written report and photos provided.


One of the main things we offer is coming in to help you get through a situation that you are uncertain.    Whether it's a sudden repair like a flood situation, basement build out, kitchen reno or many others, we can come help give you a second opinion or walk you through the different options that may be available to you that no one has offered.  We have saved our clients 1,000's and 1,000's of dollars over the years by offering our service. 

Fees start at $95 per hour and are based on the request and the size of the job.